Freaky Fountain is closed.

Freaky Fountain Press has closed its doors.

In some ways, it’s been a wonderful ride. We had the privilege of working with dozens of incredible authors and four wonderful cover artists, and experiencing the joy of holding new books in our hands. We spoke at readings and were interviewed for a variety of sites. We were able to be the launching pad for several new authors who have since gone on to successful careers, and most importantly, we were able to give an outlet for the writers who break boundaries and taboos. We received some amazing feedback from readers who were grateful to find something new and different, something that spoke to them in a way that no other books did.

But ultimately, running a literary press requires a great deal of time, effort, and energy. When each release requires nearly a hundred hours of careful line editing, reviewing, formatting, and all the other tasks involved in creating a book (as well as the hundreds of hours spent wading through the slushpile), it can’t be done as a pure labor of love. Due to poor sales, we’ve had to close our doors just as so many other small presses have been forced to do.

Readers: if you love a small press and/or believe in what they’re doing, buy their books. Without your ongoing support, they will fail. Sending them notes of support via email can be a nice boost for the editor that receives them, but they don’t help pay the bills at the end of the month.

Writers: if you want to submit to a press, support them by buying books. If you don’t help them survive, they won’t continue to be there as a market for your work. Helping to support small presses keeps a vibrant market with niches for everyone, and that’s beneficial for you as well.

To those writers and readers who did support us, we thank you for joining us, and we hope you had fun dancing in the Freaky Fountain.


Catherine Leary and Robin Wolfe