Counting down

1. The Calls for Submissions for Bad Romance and This Is The Way The World Ends will be closing this Wednesday, Dec 1. Make sure your submissions are in before the Calls close! All submitters will receive responses by December 8, 2010, letting them know whether their submission was accepted or not.

2. The detailed guidelines for our next two Calls for Submissions will be posted here on December 8, and on outside sites like Duotrope and ERWA shortly after.

3. We haven’t received any more reports of non-responses to emails, but if you sent an email and never received a response from us, please let us know; while the problem is now fixed, we don’t know how many emails we may have missed while our web-contact address wasn’t working.

4. As we’ve already been deluged with amazing artwork from our current Calls for Entries, we’re not planning on running Calls for Entries (artwork) for our next two anthologies; we’ll choose our next covers from among the entries we’ve already received. However, artists are still welcome to submit artwork to our General Submission Pool, which can be used for both novels and anthologies.