New registration contest!

Some of you may notice a new Registration/Login box just below this post. As of March, viewing the Showcase will require being logged in. Registration is free and simple; all that’s required is a first name and email address. Being one of our registered users will give you access to periodic members-only contests and other fun things. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

To kick it off, everyone who registers before March 1 will be entered into a draw to win a free ebook (the winner gets to choose which anthology they wish to receive). Those of you who have signed up over the past two days are, of course, included in the draw.

Other news: 1. We’re unsure whether email issues are continuing or not. If you don’t receive an auto-response email to your submission/query/etc., then please resend.

2. The date for the launch party is still being finalized, but should be a weeknight between March 17 and 22. There’s only a week to go until the anthologies are released!